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Mindset & life coaching for busy moms like you. Ditch the stress and create your life with more peace and calm.

My solutions-focused coach approach is ideal for people who have some self-awareness, but feel frustrated because they haven’t yet been able to confidently make the change happen.


I'll help you break through the obstacles and limiting beliefs that are holding you back so you can create lasting and positive change.

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Denise Fountain

mindset & life coaching
for overwhelmed moms

Step up and step into your life
with confidence.

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  • Denise Fountain, CPC, ELI-MP, Core Energy Coach LinkedIn

Feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Ready to rediscover what lights you up?

Yes, you can feel happy, healthy and whole again!

You’ve read the self-care books. You’ve gone to therapy, and perhaps still do. You've journaled and tried affirmations. 

But, you still feel frustrated because the peace and happiness you want is just out of reach.

You know what to do, but would like some help with exactly how to make the changes that last.

Are you ready to get unstuck for good? 

Welcome. You're in the right place!

Discover how to set healthy boundaries without guilt, have healthier relationships at home and at work, and put yourself back on the front burner. You deserve this!

Are you at a crossroads, ready to make a big change in your personal or professional life, and can use some professional support or accountability?

Maybe you’ve been blindsided, and want a support system to figure out how to move on with more clarity and peace,

When you know what to do, but haven't quite figured out how to make it happen, coaching together may be just what you need to create the life you want. 


If you're ready to take back control of your life, let's talk about how I can help you. Contact me to set up a Discovery Call today, 

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Phone: 862-309-5562

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Coaching together by phone or Zoom makes it easy to fit coaching into your busy schedule. I work with clients throughout New Jersey, across the United States and globally.  

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly to set up a time for us to chat. 

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